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5 Jan 2010

The king makers of Batibo Fondom, the royal family and the Batibo Cultural and development association sent out invitations during the last quarter of 2009 for the “celebration of the reign of Fon G.T. Mba II and the official presentation of H.R.H Fon Tebo II R.A.M to the public”. The festivities kicked off on the 15th December 2009 and ended on the 2nd of January 2010 with the official presentation of the ‘fon’ by the SDO for Momo Division.

As this was an occasion to see and hear, I will not bother you with narratives but will let you see and hear a small portion of what I witnessed.
See a sample of the images I have uploaded on this link.
You can also watch a few videos of the occasion on the links below
1 Chibi Dance
2 Fons
3 Traditional Gun Salute
4 Outing of the ‘Fon’ of Batibo
5 Nere Dance (Batibo)
If you want to know more about the Moghamo people and Batibo Subdivision click on the following link

Njei Moses Timah