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Articles on political and social issues in Cameroon, Africa and the world as seen by Njei Moses Timah

Sociopolitical commentary on various issues. 

29 Nov 2023    Partenity Testing...An approaching tsunami

The impact of DNA Partenity Testing on Society.

18 Nov 2023    Visit to New Bell Prison, Douala

The life in Prison

8 Oct 2023    Hamas-Israel War...What Next?

Another Flashpoint opens in the Middlle East to compound existing problems of the world.

30 Sep 2023    The Imminent Collapse of the ‘Made in France' Invasion of Niger by ECOWAS

The ECOWAS Neo-colonial Conspiracy Against Niger Republic encounters bumpy ride

15 Sep 2023    Message to African Leaders

Africa must unite in order to survive and posper.

1 Aug 2023    Republic of Niger Coup…Tinubu Needs very wise Counsel

The military coup in Niger that may mislead Ahmed Tinubu

21 Apr 2022    In Butiama, Tanzania to pay Homage to Julius Nyerere

Nwalimu Nyerere...a true son of Africa

17 Apr 2022    Letter To President Paul Kagame of Rwanda

This February 2022 letter to the president of Rwanda reflects the evolution of my appraisal of the leadership qualities of president Paul Kagame since his rise to power over two decades ago.

22 Jan 2021    Can Africa be rescued?

Rich but poorly managed Africa, What is the way forward?

2 Oct 2020    The Story of George and the Cap


8 Oct 2016    Haiti: Disasters Unlimited

Haiti continues to stumble

5 Oct 2016    Che Guevara Lives On

Che Guevara remembered nearly five decades later

11 Jul 2016    Which Way Nigeria?

Nigeria at Crossroads

15 May 2016    Visit to New Bell Prison, Douala

The Presbyterian Church Bonamoussadi Visits Douala Central Prison

14 Jan 2016    Visit to the Slave Market of Bimbia

The never ending story of the transatlantic slave trade.

28 Jul 2015    Obama Speaks to Africa from Addis

President Barack Obama at the African Union

19 Apr 2015    Slaughter in The Mediterranean

Migrants from Africa continue to drown in the Mediterranean Sea.

14 Aug 2014    Some Diaspora-Related Problems

Some problems of Africans living abroad

8 May 2014    Dividends of Corruption

Outlaw elements take advantage of a Nigeria weakened by corruption

10 Dec 2013    Tribute To Mandela

 The Demise of an international icon

15 Oct 2013    Buying condoms Yesterday

 A dramatic shift in how we view condoms

9 Aug 2013    The Story of 'Jam Pass Die'

Side effect of hospitality

21 Jun 2013    The Problematic Letter

Complications of writing a letter for an illiterate person. A personal experience

29 May 2013    The Cost of the Syrian Confict


An ill conceived conflict that is tearing down Syria

3 Aug 2012    Weep for Syrians

As the scramble for power rages on, the ordinary people of Syria continue to suffer

27 Nov 2011    CWF at Fifty

 The Christian Women Fellowship (CWF) of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon celebrated her golden Jubilee on the 27th November 2011.

8 Aug 2011    The Scary Story of Oil Spill in Ogoniland

When greedy, corrupt and inept people rule any country, a scenario like this disaster in Egoniland is inevitable. 

23 Jun 2011    Land Grab in Africa

The issue of land grab on the African continent may be the next catalyst for future social upheaval. 

20 Apr 2011    The Libyan Crisis, NATO and the UN

The current Libyan crisis has once more exposed the United Nations Organization as a tool occasionally used by some powerful countries to foster their agenda of hegemony. 

16 Mar 2011    Reflecting on the Japanese Disaster

Earthquake, Tsunami Japan 2011

10 Sep 2010    Understanding the Farmer-Grazier Problem: Lessons From Wum

Understanding Conflicts in Africa

15 Aug 2010    Indian Impact on Cameroon Visible

India's Independence day celebration in Douala

25 May 2010    Another View of the B.P Oil Spill

Gulf of Mexico Oil spill

8 Mar 2010    Honoring Our Women

Women's day

22 Jan 2010    American Democracy for Sale?

Money and U.S Democracy

11 Nov 2009    Conflict Between Mutually Dependent People

Stories about the Blind

18 Oct 2009    How Things Sometimes Work in Cameroon

Cameroon 2009

7 Sep 2009    Why Africans Must Stand up Against Vulture Funds

Vulture Funds Perpetuate Misery

31 Jul 2009    When Will This Bloody Drama End In Nigeria

Muslim Extremists cause havoc in Nigeria

26 Apr 2009    S African Presidency: The Zuma Era Arrives

Jacob Zuma takes charge of South Africa

19 Apr 2009    The Embargo on Cuba is Overdue

Cuba and embargo



17 Mar 2009    The Misadventure of Affe

Secondary school follies

10 Mar 2009    Scams Galore in Africa as Impunity Reigns

Crooks take advantage of communication gadgets

8 Mar 2009    Africans Apprehensive as Global Financial Crisis Deepens

Africans start feeling the pinch of the global financial crisis.

4 Dec 2008    The Story of the Presbyterian Church, Wumugi, Batibo

Church building

17 Nov 2008    Learning From a Mental Patient

Learning why material satisfaction is not an attainable goal

29 Oct 2008    The Tormented People of Congo DR

War without end in Congo DR

21 Oct 2008    Why America Needs Barack Obama

America needs Obama's leadership to improve her image.

19 Oct 2008    Powell's Endorsement of Obama- Another view

Colin Powell Endorses Obama

7 Oct 2008    Global Financial Crisis: Who has to pay for this mess?

searching for those responsible for the global financial crisis.

19 Sep 2008    Lessons from the US Financial Crisis

Subprime Mortgage crisis spread tentacles.

10 Sep 2008    Hurricanes of the Americas

The 2008 hurricane season

27 Jun 2008    Mugabe: Epitome of Shame

Mugabe Lets Africa down.

17 Jun 2008    Three Hours with a Blind Couple in Douala

An Emotional Encounter with a blind couple.

21 May 2008    Why Some South Africans Attack Foreigners

South Africans turn on African migrants with a vengeance

23 Apr 2008    Probing Nigeria's Oil Sector- A Gamble?

Touching the Sacred Cow

5 Apr 2008    American Lady's Encounter with Cameroonian Cyber Crook

Fraudster dupes an American and discredits Cameroon

1 Apr 2008    US Visa Refused

Recounting personal experience at the US embassy during application for a tourist visa.

6 Mar 2008    Survival Tips During an Unrest
23 Feb 2008    George Bush in Communion with Black Africa (Feb15-21,2008)

Gerorge Bush's 2008 "Mission of Mercy" Visit to Africa.

7 Feb 2008    An Encounter with a World War II Veteran

WW II Veteran Speaks

1 Feb 2008    Biofuel and Vocational Training Project in Cameroon

Himalayan Institute Biofuel Project in Cameroon

30 Dec 2007    Internet Scam- A spreading Virus in Africa

Cyber '419' in Cameroon

10 Dec 2007    Drama on Empire Day

Reflecting on a laughable incident during childhood days

24 Nov 2007    Mortgage Crisis and Declining Dollar Signal More Trouble Ahead.

Why America's Financial Troubles is of interest to the rest of us.

11 Nov 2007    Child Trafficking Allegation In Chad

Child Trafficking in Africa

9 Nov 2007    Kujei- Njinyen Water Project

Community Water Project In Batibo

19 Oct 2007    Lucky Dube-killed like his idol Peter Tosh

Africa Mourns one of her Cultural Ambassadors

17 Sep 2007    White House Apparently Bruised By Greenspan Book

The Reasons For Invading Iraq Continue to Raise Controversy

4 Sep 2007    The Secret of The Missing Baby Corpse

The Story of a man who mistakenly stole the corpse of a baby

17 Jul 2007    Zimbabwe's Mugabe Continues to Falter

zimbabweans Continue to Suffer From Mugabe's Strange Economic Decisions.

15 Jul 2007    Narco-Traffickers Hype Activities in W Africa

Arrest of British teenage girls brings African drug trafficking problem to spotlight.

4 Jul 2007    Why The United States of Africa Should Wait

Most African Leaders prefer a gradual approach to building a United States of Africa.

19 Jun 2007    Oil Discovered In Ghana: Good Or Bad Omen?

Oil and False Hope in Africa

15 Jun 2007    A Week of Upheaval In The Middle East

The Situation In the Middle East Becomes More Complex

26 May 2007    The Financial Times Vindicates Castro On Biofuels

Biofuels May Increase Hunger.

25 May 2007    Extremism and Violence Feed on Palestinian Misery

Perculiar Conditions Render Palestinians vulnerable Extremist ideology.

12 May 2007    Pope Fights To Contain Divergence In The Church

Pope's Visit To Brazil Highlights Divergence in The Church

25 Mar 2007    Why American Pullout From Iraq Could Stop The Spread Of Sectarian Strife

Continued American Presence In Iraq Could Obstruct Negotitiations With Insurgents

13 Mar 2007    Sexual Incomprehension

The World Seems To Be Inundated With Worrying Sexual Orientations

12 Mar 2007    Latin America: Bush Visit Exposes Waning US Influence

A Public Relations Trip By Bush May Instead Help To Expose Deepening Rift Between The US and her Neighbours to the South.

20 Feb 2007    When A Community Loses One of its Gems
The Moghamo Community Mourns Barrister Tebo Didiers
8 Feb 2007    The Irrationality Of US Economic Blockade Of Cuba
The US Economic Sanctions Against Cuba are Indefensible
7 Feb 2007    Drug Traffickers Continue To Flex Muscles In S.America
Poverty, Corruption and The Demand for Drugs In the U.S Fuel the drug culture in Latin America
30 Jan 2007    China and The New Scramble For Africa
As The Chinese Leader Pays His Third Visit To Africa, Questions are being asked about the future of the Continent's Resources.
21 Jan 2007    Saying Goodbye To The Dead In Batibo

Handling the Dead: There may be some lessons to learn from the Moghamo people of Batibo.

17 Jan 2007    Why Africans Risk Their Lives To Go Abroad
Structural Defects In African Economies Continue To Fuel Migration
14 Jan 2007    Condoleezza Rice Deserves An Apology
Attacks on Condoleezza Rice In Bad Taste
7 Jan 2007    Somalia: Handle With Care

Can the International Community Prevent the Somali Conflict From Spilling Over?

11 Dec 2006    No Tears For Pinochet
Pinochet Leaves Behind An Unenviable Legacy
15 Nov 2006    America Changing Course In Iraq
It is not more "Stay The Course" but "Change The Course" In Iraq
9 Oct 2006    Defiance on The Rise
Global Mischief-Makers Take Advantage Of America's Iraqi Adventure
13 Sep 2006    Fidel Castro Stands Tall
As leaders of the Non-Aligned Nations gather in Havanna, the status of the Cuban leader is on the spotlight.
30 Jul 2006    Congo Elections: Little Hope, No Excitement
Greed and Graft Dampens hope on Congo's future.
6 Jul 2006    Nigeria Set To Leap Forward?

A Spirit of Cautious Optimism Now Reigns In Nigeria

13 Jun 2006    Lest We Forget The Rape Victims Of Congo
The Women of DR Congo have been subjected to unbelievable cruelty.
14 May 2006    Why obasanjo Must Declare Stand.

Obasanjo's ambiguity on the issue of term prolongation is disturbing.

11 May 2006    Remembering Bob Marley (World)

35 years after his death, the music icon lives on.

11 Apr 2006    How To Unravel Cameroon From the Corruption Quagmire Without An Implosion


28 Mar 2006    Charles Taylor's Apparent Flight Shocks Africa (Africa)
High Drama in Nigeria as war crime suspect Charles Taylor Disappears
27 Mar 2006    The Day Of Reckoning is Nigh For Charles Taylor (Africa)
There is lingering hope that the man that has inflicted untold suffering on the people of Liberia and Sierra Leone may finally have his day in court.
20 Mar 2006    The Hamas Syndrome Haunts Bush's Middle East Policy (World)
What Future is there for American Mid-East Policy now that Islamists are riding on the back of democracy to install Theocracy?
18 Mar 2006    Unmasking The Real Face Of The Darfur Crisis (Africa)
One has to look deeper to understand that race has an important role to play in the ongoing Darfur crisis of Sudan.
20 Feb 2006    Cameroon: Spilling The Beans (Cameroon)

Some daring journalists launch a frontal attack on the powerful in Cameroon

17 Feb 2006    Niger Delta- Turning a Dream into a Nightmare (Africa)
Read why valuable natural resources have become a curse to African communities that harbour them.
11 Dec 2005    Where Do We Keep Our Money? (Cameroon)

Cameroonians are not only finding it harder to earn money honestly, but they are also finding it difficult to locate a secure place to hide their hard-earned money.

13 Nov 2005    It is Time To Tell The American People The Truth About The Invasion Of Iraq. (World)
The American people need to know all the reasons why their troops are in Iraq if the Bush administration really wants to reverse the mounting opposition to the war in Iraq at home.
4 Oct 2005    LIFE WITH AKUM (Africa)
How many people are coping with disable people in the family? Read my experience and discover how we can learn from them.
31 Aug 2005    Nigeria/Cameroon: Two Clowns Of A Sort (Africa)
The Citizens of these two 'rich' nations toil while their leaders are gambling with their destiny all because of oil.
20 Aug 2005    Cameroon And Corruption (Cameroon)
Cameroon is a blessed beautiful country that is sinking under the weight of Corruption.
10 Aug 2005    Living On The Edge Of The Precipice (Africa)
Read how Africans manage to wangle their way through the crazy maze that has become their continent
8 Jul 2005    The London Bombings-A Stab On The Back Of Africa (World)
 The timing of the terrorist attack on London's transport system has a sabotaging effect on the discussions at G8 summit to relieve African poverty.
3 Jul 2005    Making Poverty History (World)
The general consensus on the African continent is that the only way to make poverty history is for the rich nations to help Africa to make corruption, graft and bad governance history.
18 Jun 2005    Are Elites The Shame Of Africa? (Africa)
Our illiterate parents sent us to school so that we may acquire the skills to lead them out of backwardness, but what do we see all over Africa?
1 Jun 2005    Between The Law And The Outlaw (Cameroon)
Cameroonians are caught between men of the underworld and the tax man with nowhere to run to.
2 Sep 2004    The Other Child (Africa)

Read how some children fare in homes away from their homes.

11 Jul 2004    Moghamo Yesterday (Cameroon)

The Moghamo-speaking people are predominantly based in Batibo sub-division of Cameroon. How they lived in the recent past makes interesting reading.

20 Nov 2002    The Religious Hypocrisy in Northern Nigerian Politics (Africa)
In Nigeria, the manipulation of religion for political ends is an old game.
13 Jun 2002    The Thieves That Govern Africa. (Africa)
It Is Clear That Africa's Backwardness Is As A Result Of Greed And Kleptomania And Not A Want Of Resources.
9 Jun 2002    Fighting The Real War (World)
It is my opinion that states should employ more energy in fighting the rising tide of religious fundamentalism within their borders.
28 Feb 2002    Death Of Savimbi-A Happy Riddance (Africa)

Read about the man that died and Africa jubilated.

20 Feb 2002    The Rich Nice People (World)
Look at the real human face of Microsoft CEO.
15 Dec 2001    The Rythm Of Burial (Cameroon)

Never before has death been so common in modern Cameroon as it is now.

2 Oct 2001    The Plight Of The Teacher In Cameroon

Teachers are people that shape and make us to be successful in life but the way they are treated in Cameroon is not comforting.

30 Sep 2001    Hijacking The Conference On Racism (World)
The Middle East crisis profited from the failure of African diplomacy to take centre stage at the Durban conference
30 Sep 2001    The Role America Played In The Rise Of Bin Ladin. (World)
Read How America's past Foreign policies nurtured Bin Ladin
The Challenges facing rural Moghamo people are common all over Sub Saharan Africa.
9 Mar 2001    The Departing Generation (Cameroon)
Why Cameronian youths are migrating to Foreign Lands
27 Dec 2000    A Little Bit Of Compassion (Cameroon)
Feel the Impact of Interacting with blind Children
20 Dec 2000    Displaced People And valuable Property (World)
If you were faced with mortal danger and you had to vacate your home for exile in five minutes, what valuable property will you take along?
17 Dec 2000    The Power Of Money (world)
Money seems to be the only thing that is passionately loved universally.
10 Nov 2000    African Indebtedness (Africa)
I beg to disagree with the notion that African debts are legitimate.
2 Oct 2000    Anglophone/Francophone Dichotomy (Cameroon)

It is my opinion that part of the root causes of the absence of social cohesion between Francophones and Anglophones in Cameroon is linked to the different educational systems.

4 Sep 2000    Masquerades

Enjoy the fun of masquerades


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