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Travel in Cameroon, Africa and the world

 Travel articles on such countries like Cameroon, France, Belgium, China, Macao, India, South Korea, South Africa, Lesotho, Cuba, Vietnam, Singapore, Brazil, Mauritius, Ethiopia, UAE, Burundi, Japan and Nigeria. 

21 Apr 2022    Visit to Mwanza, Lake Victoria

Mwanza, Dar es Salam

21 Apr 2022    Visit to Understand Tanzania

Visiting Tanzania for tourism and fact finding

10 Dec 2021    The Success Story of UAE We Must Learn

The story of the rise of the United Arab Emirates from nothing to be a source of admiration in 50 years is a story any aspiring leader must learn.

14 May 2019    Walking Back in Time in Egypt

Visit to Egypt to understand certain aspects of human civilization

9 Dec 2018    One Week in Lagos

Visit to Lagos to meet with my classmates of Pharmacy School

18 Apr 2018    Visit to Japan

Cultural Trip to Japan with Laborex Cameroun

22 Apr 2016    The Singapore Wonder

Humanity has a lot to learn from this small city state called Singapore

26 Oct 2015    Sightseeing Week-end with my colleagues

Pharmacists visiting Ekom & Metche waterfalls, Bafut palace, Ndawara estate and Bamessing Prespot

19 Aug 2015    Visits To Bafut, Sabga, Widikum

Short Visits Outside Bamenda Town

7 May 2015    From Bamenda to Ekok (Nigerian Border) with Ease

Travel from Bamenda to Ekok

27 Apr 2015    Visit To Paris, Thailand and Dubai

Visit to Paris, France, Dubai and Thailand (March & April 2015)

9 Nov 2014    Three Days Visit trying to Understand Burundi.

Three days in Burundi trying to understand this small but complexe country

1 Nov 2014    Visit to Ethiopia

My first visit and impression of Ethiopia

31 Mar 2014    Lessons from UAE

 Visit to the United Arab Emirates

14 Nov 2013    A Visit to the North Region of Cameroon

Visit to part of Cameroon's North Region. Text & Images

6 Apr 2013    My Second Visit to China

My visit to China after ten years reveals a country that has undergone enormous transformation and is poised to be the leading world economic power.

27 Mar 2012    VISIT TO BRAZIL

 For ten days we saw and felt the magic of this huge and fast developing South American country throuh the prism of her two special cities-Salvador and Rio de Janeiro

20 Nov 2011    Visit to lake Nyos and other lakes of Mechum Division

Lake Nyos is one of three known killer lakes in the world. The 1986 disaster that cost the lives of some 1800 people brought world attention to this remote lake. This article is about the lake 25 years after the incident and other similar lakes in the region 

22 Jun 2011    One Week in Mauritius

Mauritius... the island of sugarcane, beaches and sega 

17 Jun 2011    Short Trips in and around Durban

 Visit to Durban, South Africa in texts and multimedia

10 Aug 2010    Victims of Lake Nyos...24 years Later

Survivors of Lake Nyos (24 years later)

6 May 2010    Four Days in Singapore

Visit to Singapore

28 Apr 2010    Vietnam Visit April 2010

Cameroon Pharmacists in Vietnam

23 Apr 2010    Paris, March 2010

March 2010 Visit to Paris

5 Jan 2010    Twenty Days of Cultural Jamboree in Batibo

colourful Culture of Batibo Subdivision of Cameroon

15 Jan 2008    Journey to Discover the Secrets of Oku
14 Jan 2008    A Visit to the Palace of OKu

Oku Palace: An Example of Traditional Governing System in N.W Province of Cameroon

12 Jan 2008    Craftsmanship in N.West Province of Cameroon

Hand-made products in North West Province, Cameroon

8 Jul 2007    The (7+1) Wonders of The World

Winners of 'The new seven wonders' contest.

15 Apr 2007    Seven Days In Cuba

A Trip To Understand A Unique Nation

21 Jan 2007    Holidays In Douala, Limbe (Cameroon)

Visiting Douala, Limbe? Read This

11 Jan 2007    Discover Batibo (Rural Cameroon)
The Moghamo-Speaking People of Batibo in Text, Images and More
5 Jan 2007    Ten Days In Batibo Sub Division
Visits to the Palaces of Mbengok and Anong. Observing 'Akopo' on River Momo at Tiben And Exploring a Stone Cave at Ashong and More.
22 Oct 2006    Suffering & Smiling: From Douala To Nyasoso Via Loum
Traveling in Cameroon Is sometimes An Entertaining Adventure
8 Oct 2006    Round Trip From Cameroon To South Africa via Ethiopia

Recounting Personal Experience of Visiting South Africa For One Week

25 Jul 2006    An African Looks at Korea and Koreans

Personal Account In Words and Images about S. Korea.

23 Jul 2006    2006 OhmyNews Conference In Seoul

Echoes From The International Citizen Reporters' Conference In Korea

21 Jul 2006    Douala To Wum Via Bamenda

Douala to Wum by Road

21 Jul 2006    The Long Journey From Cameroon To Korea
Why it takes over two days from Douala To Seoul
3 Jul 2006    Five Days In Lagos

Moving Around Lagos is both Challenging and Interesting

30 Jun 2006    Douala To Lagos via Port Harcourt- A bird's view
Catch a glimpse of the coastal region stretching from Douala To Lagos
29 May 2006    Visit To Ashong In Search of 'Foteng'
17 Jan 2006    Face To Face With Cameroon's Retreating Forest
25 Sep 2005    The Story of Ibang (Cameroon)
Read the story of a common plant that mirrors what is happening to other species of plants and animals.
30 Jun 2005    The Lake That Changes Its Colour

Cameroon is home to many crater lakes. Read about this peculiar one.

2 Apr 2005    DELHI part two
30 Mar 2005    DELHI Part One
Take a tour of India's capital.
A visit to one of India's 20,000 pharmaceutical manufacturing units and an opportunity to see rural India.
27 Mar 2005    AGRA BY BUS
A visit to the Indian city of Agra-the home of the Taj Mahal.
25 Mar 2005    The Colourful Indian City Of Jaipur
15 Mar 2005    AROUND MUMBAI
Setting my foot on Indian soil for the very first time.
13 Mar 2005    DOUALA-NAIROBI En Route To India
In the midst of failures all over Africa, some airlines like Kenya Airways is still keeping her head above water.
10 Mar 2005    VISIT TO INDIA (Pre-trip headaches)
Many Africans go through a lot of difficulties at Western embassies to obtain a visa. Read my experience.
2 Mar 2005    A Visit To Atukne-Ashop, Numben, Cameroon
The line between superstition and reality is not so clear here.
26 Apr 2003    Chinese Visit Rounds Up in Shangai
Winding up Chisese Tour with a visit to Shangai-the New York of the east.
25 Apr 2003    Chinese Visit (From Beijing To Xian)
The tour of China continues to the magnificient city of Xian, the home of the Terracotta Wariors.
24 Apr 2003    Visit To China (From Paris To Beijing)
Recounting personal experience of my first ever visit to China.
23 Apr 2003    Visit To Paris en Route to China
Have a feel of travelling from Africa to the French capital that attracts millions of tourists annually.
5 May 2001    Trip To Nigeria-A Social Outlook

The Nigerian Society is drama itself and this country will never cease to fascinate any visitor.

3 May 2001    A Visit To Nigeria, An Ecological Appraisal

Travelling by Road from Douala (Cameroon) to Onistsha (Nigeria) is quite an educating experience for ecologists.

1 Sep 2000    The Changing Landscape Of Batibo (Cameroon)
There is profound ecological transformation taking place around us.

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