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Bonaberi, Douala, Cameroon

Africa Pharmacy is a community pharmacy. It is one of the retail drug outlets among Douala city’s over 300 pharmacies. The pharmacy is easily accessible to people coming into Douala from the Western part of Cameroon as it is currently the fourth pharmacy situated on the main highway into Douala from such places as Limbe, Tiko, Mbanga and Nkongsamba. On entering Douala IV municipality, the Pharmacy is exactly 6.5 kms from Bekoko Junction and is situated near the railway crossing at Ngwele, Douala (that is roughly midway between the boundary into Douala city and the River Wouri bridge). The pharmacy is a walking distance from prominent inter urban transport agencies like Moghamo Agency, General, Tresor, Nso Boyz and Vatican.

There are more than 5000 different pharmaceutical products on sale in the pharmacy and these products are managed by a dedicated and qualified staff with certificates from tertiary institutions of learning. The pharmacy is managed by two pharmacists.  Apart from straight pharmaceutical products, the pharmacy also sells cosmetics and a range of over-the-counter products.
Africa Pharmacy is fully computerized thereby ensuring proper stock management, quality service to patients/customers and accounts management.
The pharmacy has a standby generator to guarantee uninterrupted electricity supply.
In addition to the routine service to the public, we can order from approved suppliers abroad (through one of the express mail services), any life-saving product that has been prescribed and is out of stock in Cameroon.
Image left: Pharmacist/proprietor Njei Moses Timah and Menchum River valley in the background
Opening Hours: Monday through Friday: 07.30H to 20.00H Cameroon Time (GMT +1)
                           Saturday: 07.30H to 15.00H Cameroon Time.
                           The pharmacy is open for 24 hours on call duty days.
For enqueries, call (+237) 673756428 or email nmosestimah@yahoo.com.
Complete address: Africa Pharmacy, P.O. Box 9020 Douala, Littoral Region, Cameroon.
Payment modes
Apart from the cfa francs, we accept major currencies like the Euro, USD and the Pound Sterling.
Credit sales are available to people belonging to organizations and companies with whom the pharmacy has contractual agreements.
Pharmacist/Proprietor: Njei Moses Timah
1. The Structure of the Pharmacy Profession in Cameroon