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The news items appearing on this page are written by Njei Moses Timah. Some of the articles may appear in other news outlets that have a working relationship with him

3 Mar 2010    Tiko Market Fire

Tiko market fire 2010

5 Nov 2008    Landslide For Obama in an Election in Cameroon

Testing the strengths of contestants

21 Sep 2008    S African President Submits Resigation

Thabo Mbeki Forced to Quit power

1 Mar 2008    Aftermath of Unrest in Cameroon

Counting losses after a violent strike in Cameroon

27 Feb 2008    Third Day of Protest in Cameroon

Cameroon managing a crisis that is running out of control

25 Feb 2008    Cameroon: Fuel Strike Turns Violent in Douala

Violence dominates fuel strike in Douala

28 Nov 2007    UN Deployment in Darfur Faces New Hurdles

The end of Suffering in Darfur not near in sight 

3 Nov 2007    Pakistan Veers Towards Uncertainty

State of Emergency and Uncertainty in Pakistan

16 Sep 2007    Climate Change Induced Floods Hit Africa

Africans Start Suffering From The Consequences of Global Warming.

16 Aug 2007    Son of Congo's President Loses Case Against Global Witness

The right to name and shame Corrupt African Elites Upheld

1 Aug 2007    Fidel castro's Retirement May Be Permanent

Hints That Fidel May Not Return To Power

31 Jul 2007    Shocker: 4500 Rapes In Congo's South Kivu in 2007

Congo's Women Continue to Suffer From Barbaric Sexual Violence

16 Jul 2007    Cuba Finally Clears Doubts on Che Guevara's Identity

Che Guevara's remains were indeed brought to Cuba in 1997

10 Jul 2007    Tough Talk From Bhutto As Pakistani Army Storms Mosque

Benazir Bhutto Talks About Islamic Militancy in Pakistan.

17 Jun 2007    Rockets Hit Israel As Abbas Installs New Govt

The Divide Between Palestinians Deepens as Hamas-led Government is Sacked.

23 May 2007    UN Blue Helmets In DRC Trade Arms For Gold

Some Greedy Officers Taint the Image of UN Peacekeeper.

7 May 2007    Anguish and Sadness at Douala Crash Site

No Hope To Find Survivors

5 May 2007    Kenya Airways Aircraft Crashes In Cameroon

Another Air Disaster Visits Africa

3 May 2007    French Presidential Debate

Segolene Royal Stages her Last Political Fight Before Elections.

1 May 2007    Fidel Absent From May Day, Calls For Energy Revolution

The Cuban Leader Reiterates Opposition To biofuel on Labor Day

29 Apr 2007    Forget Not Darfur

Human Rights Groups Raise Awareness on Darfur

28 Apr 2007    Turkish Army Sends Warning Signals To Gov't

Turkish Army May Intervene To Prevent the Election of an 'Islamist' as President

21 Apr 2007    Presidential Elections Kick Off in Nigeria

Yar'Adua Heads For Victory In Nigerian Presidential Race

15 Apr 2007    Bumpy First Phase of Nigeria Elections 2007

Nigeria's State Elections Kick off with Delays And Complaints

23 Mar 2007    The Rule Of The Gun Resurfaces In DR Congo

Congo's former warlords have not forgotten the old way of doing things

14 Mar 2007    Mugabe: Condemnations Galore

Mugabe Continues To Transform Himself From Nationalist To Despot

5 Mar 2007    Ghana Celebrates 50 Years of Independence
Ghana Celebrates and Rawlings Grumbles
26 Feb 2007    Wade Tipped To Win Presidential Elections In Senegal
Octogenarian Wade leads in Senegal's Election Contest
25 Feb 2007    Iran Ready For War Over Nuclear Issue
Confrontation Looms As Iran Remains Defiant
15 Feb 2007    NLC Leader Lauds Anti-Corruption Agency
Oshiomhole defends EFCC chieftain in a landmark speech.
12 Feb 2007    State Of Emmergency Declared In Guinea
President Lansana Conte Clamps Down On His People, Curbs Freedom
11 Feb 2007    Meltdown In Guinea?
Opposition and Trade Unions Call for the Departure of President Lansana Conte
29 Jan 2007    Al-Bashir Pressured To Give Up Quest To Become AU Chairman
Sudan's Poor Human Rights Record Disqualifies Al-Bashir For A Second Time
20 Jan 2007    Will Hillary Clinton Become America's Next President?
America May Have First Female President Come 2008.
16 Jan 2007    Violence Escalates In Nigeria's Niger Delta

Blood Continues To Flow In Nigeria's Oil Rich Niger Delta.

8 Jan 2007    The U.S. Strikes Al Qaeda Suspects In Somalia

The U.S Targets suspected terrorists in Somalia

8 Dec 2006    Malaria Raises HIV Infection
Researchers unveil a dangerous symbiotic relationship between Malaria and HIV/AIDS.
21 Nov 2006    Gathering Political Storm over Lebanon as Pierre Gemayel is assassinated
Dismantling Lebanese Democracy In Installments
13 Nov 2006    Lebanon: Hezbollah's Creeping Coup
Lebanon's Stability On The Balance As Hezbollah Flexes Muscles.
8 Nov 2006    Nicaragua: Ortega Stages A Come Back
America's former foe wins presidential elections in Nicaragua
3 Nov 2006    Sino-African Summit In Beijing

African Heads of State Gather In Beijing November 2006

27 Oct 2006    Congo: Stormy Road To Elections
Violent Incidents Multiply As Presidential Elections Approach
26 Oct 2006    Conviction For Somali Pirates
Kenyan Court Finds Ten Somalis Guilty of Piracy and Hijacking
23 Oct 2006    Regional War Likely In The Horn Of Africa

Somalia is in the process of sucking neighbours into a larger Conflict

11 Oct 2006    At A Washington Press Coference, Bush Defends Policy on N. Korea, Iraq
A Combative U.S President Defends Foreign Policy on Iraq and North Korea
22 Sep 2006    Hugo Calls Bush "The Devil" and Pelosi Calls Hugo "The Thug"
Raw Language From High Places
14 Sep 2006    Listen To Musharraf on Taliban, Al Qaeda
The Key To Solving The Problem of the Taliban May Lie With The Pakistanis
30 Aug 2006    Darfur: Sudan Rejects UN Troops
Sudan Continues To Oppose The Deployment of UN Peace-keeping Troops while Genocide Continues in Darfur.
23 Aug 2006    "I Have Not Been Charged With Murder"- Fru Ndi

Cameroon's main opposition leader invited by state counsel in connection to murder case

20 Aug 2006    AIDS Conference Ends with Mixed Bag of Hope, Frustrations and Rebukes

The Crowded International Aids Conference Ends in Canada with some glimmer of hope

18 Aug 2006    More Bomb Scares Keep Air Travelers Jittery

Security Concerns make air traveling more frustrating

17 Aug 2006    Ray of Hope For Internet-Starved Cameroonians
MTN Networks Solutions and MTN Mobile Access Solutions set to change the Internet landscape in Cameroon. 
11 Aug 2006    Nigeria/Cameroon: Uncertainty Over Bakassi Pullout
It appears some people are bent on disrupting the Greentree Accord on Bakassi
10 Aug 2006    Aftermath Of Foiled Terrorist Attack

The Foiled Terrorist Attack on Aircrafts departing from Britain is grim reminder that terrorism has come to stay

3 Aug 2006    Grim Future For Lebanon, Iraq and Neighbors

Uncertainty Reigns in The Middle East

1 Aug 2006    Fidel Castro Transfers Power To Brother
The Cuban Leader since 1959 Cedes power to brother due to Health Problems.
30 Jul 2006    The Middle East Crisis Takes A Dramatic Turn
Israeli 'Mistakes' tilt world opinion towards the Lebanese.
27 Jul 2006    More Deaths From Bird Flu as Vaccine In Pipeline
News of Impending Bird Flu Vaccine received with Cautious Optimism.
17 Jun 2006    Alleged Child Trafficking Pastor Arrested
Child Trafficking Allegations Against Evangelist Gilbert Deya continue to resonate.
14 Jun 2006    Plague Kills More Than 100 In DR Congo
Pneumonic Plague Adds To Congo's Woes
9 Jun 2006    Cervical Cancer Vaccine Arrives
First Ever Vaccine against Cancer Commercialized.
8 Jun 2006    Abducted Koreans Released In Nigeria

Niger Delta Kidnappings Continue

2 Jun 2006    Foreign Oilmen Kidnapped In Nigeria
Six Britons, one American and one Canadian among the hostages
31 May 2006    Tobacco Continues To Kill Millions
4.9 million people die annually from tobacco-related illnesses.
25 May 2006    Threat Increases As Bird Flu Shifts Gear
Possible Human-To-Human Transmission Cases Reported In Indonesia
24 May 2006    What's Happening To Michael Jackson?
The King Of Pop Strives To Stay The Course In The Midst Of Odds
23 May 2006    Togo's World Cup Squad Banned From Speaking To Korean Press
Togo Applies Vigilance Against Overwhelming Odds
21 May 2006    Al Gore Unveils 'Inconvenient Truth' At Cannes
Al Gores Film on Global Warming Opens many Eyes
20 May 2006    Nigeria And China Seal Oil Exploration Deal
Energy-thirsty China Eyes Nigeria's oil
16 May 2006    President Obasanjo Can't Run For Third Term
Third term bid blocked in the senate.
15 May 2006    Millions To Die From Global Warming
182 million Africans could die from diseases linked to global Warming.
13 May 2006    Bob Marley Remembered

Twenty five years after his death, Bob Marley lives on.

8 May 2006    Another Sex Scandal Rocks UN Soldiers, Aid Workers in Liberia
Vulnerable Children Suffer From Sex Predators
8 May 2006    Former South African Deputy President Acquitted of Rape
Jacob Zuma Wins 'Round One' but difficult days lie ahead. 
7 May 2006    UN Aid Chief Visits Darfur After Peace Treaty Is Signed
A shaky peace treaty gives a glimmer of hope to the suffering people of Darfur.
3 May 2006    African Countries Top The List Of Failed States
Ten out of the first fifteen failed states are in Africa
1 May 2006    Sudan, Chad And Neighbours Face Uncertain Future
A Contested Peace Treaty In Sudan and A Rejected Election In Chad Threaten To Bring Turmoil To The Central African Region.
Microbicides Set To Roll Back HIV/AIDS- Experts Say.
21 Apr 2006    Nigeria Freed Of 30 Billion Dollars Debt
Paris Club Buys Back Nigeria's Debt At a Discount
19 Apr 2006    Leave Nigeria. Foreign Oil Workers Told

Government Attempt To appease Militants Apparently Fails.

10 Apr 2006    Armed Rebel Attacks On The Increase In Chad
The Spectre Of Civil war Looms over Chad
9 Apr 2006    Dying Young In Zimbabwe
WHO Says Zimbabwean Women have Lowest Life Expectancy in the World.
8 Apr 2006    TI tells Western Governments To Help Africa Recover 'Stolen Money'
Corruption-linked Capital Flight Sinks Africa
7 Apr 2006    President Obasanjo and his deputy at Each other's Throat
As the 2007 presidential elections approach, the rift Between The Nigerian President and his Deputy Widens.
6 Apr 2006    Succession Power Tussle Heats up in Guinea
President Conte appoints and then sacks government in less than 24 hours.
5 Apr 2006    Niger Delta Peace Conference Takes Place In Nigeria
Will this latest round of talks bring hope to the troubled people of Niger Delta? 
4 Apr 2006    UN Official Prevented From Visiting West Sudan
Is The Sudanese Government Hiding Something About Darfur from the UN?
29 Mar 2006    Fugitive Liberian Ex-President Captured On the Nigeria/Cameroon Border
Sigh of Relief as Fleeing Warlord Apprehended.