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8 Mar 2010


As we celebrate the International women's day, it is necessary that the men of this world do some reflection and give due respect to our women that have been very instrumental to the survival of the human species.
This morning, I was listening to a report on the BBC radio on the ethno-religious conflict that has flared up again in the Nigerian city of Jos. Hundreds of people (mostly women and children) were massacred in  predawn raids on settlements on the outskirts of the city. The BBC reporter asked one humanitarian worker why the victims were mostly women and children. The man replied that in situations like these, when gunshots start sounding, men easily run for safety but the women cannot run leaving the children behind. Many women therefore prefer to stay behind and protect their children or die with them.
If you take statistics of single parents, it is undeniable that an overwhelming majority are women. The late South African musician Lucky Dube sang this song whose lyrics I reproduce here to honor the women.
In the middle of the night I heard her pray so bitterly
And so softly yeah
She prayed for her children
She prayed for their education
Then she prayed for the man that left her with her children
We praise heroes everyday
But there are those that we forget to praise
The women of this world.
They don’t run from anything
They stand up for what’s right
God bless the women
Even when times are so hard
They are so cool, calm and collected
They don’t run from anything,
They stand up for what is right
They do not run from responsibilities…
I have nothing to add to what Lucky Dube has already said than to encourage the women to continue standing up for what is right.

Njei Moses Timah