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20 Apr 2011

The dust is yet to settle over the invasion on false pretext of Iraq by the U.S and allies with the blessing of the United Nations Organization. That invasion cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, further polarized Iraq and installed sectarian strife and blind terrorism in the Iraqi society.

Today, the UN has allowed itself to be outsmarted again by the same countries using a different pretext to try and lay their hands on Libyan resources.

I may not be a fan of Gadaffi but that should not blind me from seeing the injustice being meted on his country by France, Britain, the US and allies.

Hiding under resolution 1973 of the UN Security Council, that instituted a no-fly zone over Libyan air space,  these countries have embarked on a bombing spree of Libyan military and communication assets including aircrafts on the tarmac!.

We are told that their action is to protect civilian lives; that they are not there for regime change; that there will be ‘no boots on the ground’ etc. This is laughable. They are assuming that everyone is an idiot.

With every passing day it is becoming clearer that these nations must have mapped out a pre-determined agenda to replace the Libyan regime with their own puppet and only used the UN as a cover for their designs.

When they talk of protecting civilians, I am at a loss to understand how the bombing campaign by NATO that helped to create a stalemate in the conflict has protected civilians. When they started their bombing campaign after evacuating their own citizens and imposing a no fly zone, was it not known to them that there were tens of thousands of immigrant workers from Sub Saharan Africa and other places stranded in Libya? Are these not civilians that deserve protection? When these Western nations encourage Libyan insurgents to fight with government forces in heavily populated towns, how on earth are civilians protected? France claims to be fighting to protect civilians. What happened to that compassion towards civilians when they were bickering with Italy for giving temporary visas for Tunisians affected by instability to move within the EU? The head of the Libyan insurgents that NATO backs said on April 19th 2011 that over 10,000 civilians have died so far since the crisis started. Does that ring any bell in the ears of those fanning a conflict to “protect civilians”?

NATO had been repeatedly warned by experts that their action will create a stalemate resulting in increased deaths. NATO was also dismissive of the efforts of the African Union to arrange a ceasefire and that encouraged their Libyan allies to be uncooperative. It is obvious that a ceasefire arranged by the AU does not fit in their formula and agenda that is no longer a secret.

After acting as the air force of one party in a civil conflict in violation of the intent of resolution 1973, NATO members France & Britain are now taking a step further by  sending “military advisers” to the rebel camp on the ground in Libya in gross violation of resolution 1973. They have just forgotten that they have repeatedly lied that “they will be no boots on the ground”.

It is preferable that countries with imperial ambitions should have the courage to come out and go directly after their prey rather than hide behind a craftily designed UN resolution to do so. The UN is the only institution that we depend on to guaranty world peace.

If the big powers continue to manipulate the UN for their selfish interest, the credibility and integrity of this respected world body will be compromised and the future of humanity too.

Njei Moses Timah