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Articles on political and social issues in Cameroon, Africa and the world as seen by Njei Moses Timah > The Cost of the Syrian Confict

29 May 2013

How much is the accepted price that Syrians have to pay in order to unseat Assad? Is it really sensible to put people through this type of hell in order to remove their leader? The cost of the Syrian civil war so far reads like a horror movie

-More than 80,000 dead so far.

-More than 2 million Syrian children afflicted by trauma, malnutrition or disease.

- One in three kids has suffered from war injuries.

-More than 3 million houses damaged or destroyed

-More than 2000 schools have been damaged.

-If the war were to stop today, it will cost about $80 bn to repair the damage caused by the war.

-Economic losses linked to the war are approaching $50 bn

-Close to a million Syrians are refugees scattered in neighbouring countries.

-Agricultural production has fallen by 50%.

As if the violence and suffering is not enough, the second phase of the conflict promises to be even messier if awaited Geneva peace talks fail. The EU led by France and Britain will likely pour arms to the Assad opponents. Russia will continue to supply the Assad regime with arms. More foreign Jihadists will head for the battle front on the side of the opposition. Lebanese based Hezbollah with the support of Iran will strengthen the Assad regime militarily. Israel that sees the conflict as ‘bad fighting bad’ will pick and choose which targets she will attack inside Syria. The U.S is lining up uncomfortably behind the anti- Assad forces that have Al Qaeda linked elements.

In the final analysis, this ill conceived conflict will do more to promote sectarianism and inflict suffering on ordinary Syrians than to replace the regime in power with a likeable one.

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Njei Moses Timah