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14 Aug 2014

Some Diaspora-Related Problems

It is not long ago that I witnessed this story that was tearing a family apart. A young couple living in one of the Western countries was blessed with a baby. The mother of the baby invited her own mother to come over from Cameroon and help to take care of the newborn.

This lady (grand mom of newborn) left her virile husband behind in Cameroon and was away for months. She returned to Cameroon and stayed for a brief period before she was invited back to come and care for the second child. This time her stay was even longer. Back in Cameroon, the frustrated lonely husband fell in love with a young girl and their relationship was gradually creeping towards marriage.

When the news got to the ears of his wife and daughter, both of them were in rage against the man and his new wife-to-be. In the hot exchanges between daughter and father, the father reminded the daughter that she had confiscated his wife and turned her into a baby-sitter and as such he was pushed to look elsewhere for a companion. I listened to the story and was unable to determine who was wrong.

This is similar to cases where women have refused to accompany their husbands returning home after their stay abroad. When some of those husbands remarry, the women come charging and brandishing marriage certificates. Cases abound around us and some of us are sometimes invited to try and resolve them. If you are called upon to judge this type of cases, who will you find guilty?

Njei Moses Timah