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2 Oct 2020

The story of George and the cap


Sometimes when I was still working in a factory in Jos, Nigeria in the early 80s, I had a circle of friends all of them in their twenties. Of all of us, George was unique in that he always appeared in public with a cap. Nobody really bothered to inquire why he could not do without a cap. George got married early and was also very attached to his young wife.

One day there was a storm and rain. The wind that accompanied the rain was so strong that it carried away the roof of the house in which George lived with his wife. The dramatic incident frightened George and sent him dashing out of the house and running to a nearby residence without his wife and cap. Later, the distraught wife angrily complained that the husband ran for safety without thinking of her.

We had to console her explaining that this incident that caused George to run out in public and also expose his bald head was really a serious matter. She was urged to moderate her anger and pardon her husband…which she did. When times were hard, George ran for his dear life forgetting the two most important things to which he was so attached…his wife and his cap.

Njei Moses Timah