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17 Apr 2022

Njei Moses Timah

Douala, Cameroon

Tel +237677761918


A Letter to H.E Paul Kagame

Your excellency,

I am a common man and also a keen observer of the state of affairs on the African continent. I have followed your tortuous rise to power and the painful birth of the New Rwandan nation which is currently a pride of Africa.

I used to be one of your critics especially during the immediate post genocide era that saw the incursion of your army and suspected allied groups into the DR Congo. This was because of the reported atrocities committed there.

Looking at the situation then through the prism of a European historical format, I feared that your mission in the DR Congo was that of revenge which may perpetuate another cycle of tit- for- tat among the two main ethnic components of your country.

Your action over time has given me reason to review my outlook of the Rwandan scenario and reshape my understanding of certain events. In hindsight, I can now better appreciate the complex nature of the crisis you had to handle and the resultant unfortunate fallouts which continue to reverberate especially in DR Congo to this very day.

You have without doubt proven to us that you came to serve your people and Africa in general as demonstrated by the phenomenal rise of a Rwanda under your leadership from the ashes of war to a shining example of the Africa we all dream of. You have built functional institutions, you have restored the dignity of your people and you have been at the forefront of any afro-centric endeavor. I appreciate what you do for peace keeping and security issues on the African continent.

You are in the league of such great sons of Africa like Nkrumah, Lumumba, Nyerere, Sankara, Mandela, Samora Machel, Gadaffi, Rawlings and Magufuli.

Rwanda has now become a case study in post war nation building. It is my intention to eventually visit your country someday to get some practical lessons in this domain because I live in a country that is currently at war with itself.

Accept my sincere greetings and my admiration for the wonderful lessons you are dishing out to those who genuinely want to lead this continent out of backwardness.


Njei Moses Timah,

Douala, Cameroon.

Njei Moses Timah