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15 Sep 2023

Message to African Leaders

Why it is imperative for Africa to Unite (part 1)

Without unity, there is no future for Africa…Julius Nyerere (March 1997)

They are over 200 million of your children scattered in the Western Hemisphere and elsewhere who have been waiting for 500 years to return to their motherland. Please hear their cry for the waiting has been too long. They are waiting for Africa to unite and invite them back home. You can’t be indifferent when you listen to the late Bob Marley crying out for Africa to unite for the sake of their (diaspora) children.

Your conscience can’t be free when the late Peter Tosh was crying and hoping to one day see ‘Mama Africa’. All conscientious people on continental Africa are engulfed in collective guilt when we can’t create the enabling conditions for our children to come back to ‘Mama Africa”.

If you are a father or mother and you are not moved by the cry of these children who somehow represent the feelings of the diaspora majority, you should consider that you have lost part of your humanity. If you are an African leader and you still have an excuse after 500 years why you can’t bring the children home or you are not actively contributing to make that happen, it means you don’t understand the position you occupy.

There is no better way I can relay this message than by urging you to listen to them and keenly read the lyrics through the links below.

Africa Unite by Bob Marley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fBKrM0qzRA Uploaded by Vagos Santos records

Mama Africa by Peter Tosh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiREAbJJbdA Uploaded by OTB lyrics


Njei Timah Moses