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13 Mar 2007

The US chairman of the military Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen Peter Pace has come under fire from gay rights activists and some liberal Congressmen for describing homosexual acts between two individuals as “immoral”. Activists claim his comments are offensive to the “65,000” gays and lesbians currently serving in the U S military. The top general who has refused to apologize for his Monday comments to the Chicago Tribune, did however express what could be considered a regret Tuesday. He said he could have focused more on the defense department policy on gays and less on his “personal moral views” on the issue. Since 1994, when the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy came into force, gays and lesbians can serve in the U.S. military provided they keep their sexual orientation private and do not engage in sexual acts.
The current controversy is just one in a catalogue of sexually ‘aberrant’ actions that are polarizing opinions around the world. Sexual acts that were considered completely unacceptable yesterday are not only tolerated today but are actively promoted by bold and vocal groups. Let us consider some of the issues.
A brother and sister are currently fighting to overturn a German law that makes incest a crime. Patrick Stubing has spent more than two years in jail for sleeping with his sister Susan and publicly admitting so. Their conjugal relationship that started in 2000 has resulted in the birth of four children already. Lawyers to the couple are taking their case to Germany’s highest court hoping that Germany will decriminalize incest like most of her neighbors.
There is schism within the global Anglican Church followers sparked by Bishop Gene Robinson, the gay bishop of New Hampshire. The more conservative wing of the Church led by the Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola is threatening to severe the African based churches from the rest of the communion come September if certain conditions relating to homosexuality within the church are not met. Rev Gene Robinson is even courageous enough to indirectly suggest that Jesus was probably a homosexual that “traveled with a bunch of men” and enjoyed an especially close relationship with one of his disciples.
The Catholic Church is still struggling to cope with the scandal involving U.S based clergy that were both pedophiles and homosexuals. Some Dioceses have declared bankruptcy due to the large claims filed by the victims of the priests. San Diego is the fifth and latest diocese to file under chapter 11 bankruptcy laws.
The trafficking of children to be sold as sex slaves is a lucrative business for people who seem to have lost all human sensitivity and morality. A recent CNN documentary showing child sex slaves in India brought home the frightening reality that the human mind is capable of conceiving any type of diabolical deeds.
In Africa’s recent civil wars of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo DR and the ongoing civil war in Sudan, rape is used as a weapon of war. Shocking stories of the type of primitive barbarism inflicted on victims continue to resonate and torment human conscience.
The Internet, our best tool for learning and sharing ideas has been inundated with pornography. According to the website www.familysafemedia.com it is estimated that there are over 4.2 million pornographic websites on the net and about 72 million people visit them annually. About 100,000 websites offer illegal child pornography. 10% of adults admit to Internet Sexual Addiction. No wonder, James Pacenza (an IBM New York employee sacked for visiting Internet porno sites during working hours at jobsite) is suing his former employee and claiming $5 million because he says he is innocent because he is an Internet sex addict.
According to Encyclopaedia Dramatica, over 95 million women and 255 million men have intentionally engaged in bestiality (having sex will animals).
More and more governments around the world are accepting gay marriages and even tolerating the adoption of children by gay couples. It is clear that the definition of family will become a little bit complicated. How will a child with two same sex parents refer to his parents when his peers in school are talking about ‘mummy and daddy’?
It is obvious that in the world of today it is not just that easy to stand and defend or condemn someone like Gen. Peter Pace. If you ask my opinion, I will say that the General is standing on the side of morality and decency. That is just my opinion.

Njei Moses Timah