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NEWS DISPATCHES > Alleged Child Trafficking Pastor Arrested

17 Jun 2006

Controversial UK based Kenyan evangelist Gilbert Deya was arrested at the Endinburgh sheriff Court June 15th and placed in custody of UK immigration officials. According to the BBC, the police in Kenya had issued a warrant of arrest for him after his wife was arrested and charged with involvement in child trafficking in Kenya last year. Deya’s 57- year-old wife was arrested with a newborn she claimed hers. That claim was however refuted by doctors that examined Mrs. Deya.


Mr Deya has been claiming that he uses prayers to help is followers conceive via miraculous powers. The police however suspect that Deya’s ministry was used to camouflage the trafficking of children. Childless mothers even came from abroad to have ‘miracle babies’ in Kenya. Around the same time there were reports of babies disappearing from health institutions like the Pumwani Maternity Hospital in Nairobi. In September 2004 Kenyan police placed 20 of Deya’s ‘miracle babies’ into care after genetic test could not establish a link between them and the women claiming to be their mothers.


At a November 2004 high court hearing in London on the matter, Mr Justice Ryder inferred that the Kenyan preacher faked the births so as to raise funds from his “deceived congregation”. Referring to persons whose identities could not be disclosed in public, the judge said; “In a cruel deception to further the financial ends of those involved, Mrs E was deceived into thinking that she had given birth”. Adding; “C’s birth as described was a falsehood, not a miracle”. Deya denies allegations that he runs a child trafficking ring.


Child trafficking cases are rife in Africa. The most disturbing thing is that more and more people that should be seen as role models in the society are getting involved in the crime.





Njei Moses Timah