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21 Apr 2022


Mwanza, Dar es Salam

After visiting the Julius Nyerere Mausoleum in Butiama, I embarked on the 200+ kilometers from Butiama to Mwanza by car. The usual flat terrain with acacia trees was a common sight. As we were approaching Mwanza, I could notice rocky hills similar to what is found in Jos, Nigeria. Somewhere along the way, I could also notice part of the Serengeti park stretching close to Mwanza. On entering Mwanza city, a distinctive pattern of building houses on hillsides was common. It is something akin to the favelas of Brazil but the structures look better and less choked than the favelas of Brazil.

Mwanza (pop 2.7 million) sits on the banks of lake Victoria and is Tanzania’s second largest city after Dar es Salam. Talking about Lake Victoria, this is the largest unfrozen water lake in the world. It has a surface area of 59947 sq kms and one will need to cover more than 300 kms to go across the lake. It is 99 times larger than the other Lake in the Middle East called the Dead Sea. If there was to be any lake in the world that deserves to be called a sea, it is Lake Victoria and not the Dead Sea or Sea of Galilee. I did have the opportunity to visit the fish market, the Bismark Rock and the Rock City Mall. I spent a beautiful night in my tent accommodation overlooking Lake Victoria and did have a sumptuous dinner of a big fresh fish.

https://www.youtube.com/shorts/_s6VSMV9WsU Fish Market, Mwanza



https://www.youtube.com/shorts/O2fmkClsME0 Driving along the Lake banks

I proceeded from there the next day to Dar es Salam en route back to Cameroon. During my short stay in Dar es Salam, I visited the village Museum where the different types of Tanzanian local architecture are displayed. It was exciting to participate in a local dance from one of Tanzania’s tribes.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfX6k9q22K8 My drum beats


From all indications, Tanzania is a country that is on the path to success as it is apparent that they have a vision.


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Njei Moses Timah